Poem for the Sightless Man (After Kate Clanchy)

This is just to say,


that the inked glasses that you wear look like

the sound of shop front shutters at five,

clattering on rollers and hiding merchandise,


and your incisors, exposed by your smile,

look like the feeling

of top cupboard china in my grip,


while in light snow, your hair, pulled and woven

may look like the taste of the crumb

of a Tunnock’s snowball on my tongue


and the skin on your face, hugging your mouth

and tucked under your glasses that is

moulded and folded by your lips


stirs in my mind like the balmy coffeed breath

of an office worker, passing me at nine.


was born in 1990 in Northern Ireland, and studies English and Film at Queens University Belfast. Her inspiration comes from her surroundings. This is her first poem to be published.



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