Rendering intimacy impossible, deploy lifeboats (mark

yourself safe). Not listening as such, more waiting to

speak, above all mark yourself, it’s so important to be

safe. Carry on, they demand, we’re not reeling / we are

reeling. Is this the place for a fountain reference?

Probably. ‘What first attracted you to your wife, sir?’

‘Her delicacy / her ankles / her hatred of the Tories.’


               Alive twice over but that’s a whole life gone too

               you know I’m sorry, he holds his hands up, I’m

               sorry, he backs away: my conscience couldn’t

               keep company with your body I say, your body?

               it just made me think: it’s only a nine month stay.


The next time you lay a hand on me, I’ll make a

perfect gleaming dive into the Thames. Aren’t you

glad / to be here? I am.


's writing can be found in The White Review, the Guardian, Poetry Review, the Stinging Fly, the Baffler, frieze, and elsewhere. Her poetry pamphlets Daddy Poem (SPAM) and Worry work (Earthbound Press) came out in 2019 and 2020 respectively, and her next, In the Pleasure Dairy, is forthcoming from Sad PressShe finished her PhD, on maternity and capitalism in nineteenth-century fiction, in 2019, and teaches at the University of Cambridge and Camberwell College of Arts. Based in Glasgow, she is currently Commissioning Editor at MAP magazine.



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