The White Review No. 3


On Extinction: Whales by Melanie Challenger (Reportage)

Elmgreen & Dragset (Interview)

Forkhead Box by Jeremy M. Davies (Fiction)

Borism by Oliver Griffin and Lee Rourke (Art)

Dead Unicorns: Apocalyptic Anxiety in Canadian Art by Vanessa Nicholas (Essay)

Poems by Rebecca Wolff, Toshiko Hirata (tr. Jeffrey Angles) and Rikudah Potash (tr. Michael Casper) (Poetry)

Will Self (Interview)

Hammer and Blackberry & Outside In by Stephen Gill (Art)

This is Not the Place: Perec, The Situationists and Belleville by Karl Whitney (Reportage)

Rehearsal Room by K J Orr (Fiction)

Marina Warner (Interview)

Reduction by Alison Rossiter (Art)

Poems by Medbh McGuckian, Jon Thompson, Adrian Dannatt and Michael Hampton (Poetry)

The New Global Literature? Marjane Satrapi and the Depiction of Conflict in Comics by Jessica Copley (Essay)

Fifteen Flowers by Federico Falco (tr. Janet Hendrickson) (Fiction)


Cover: Green over Yellow by Matthew Allen

Booklet insert: Tentative d’épuisement d’un lieu by Badaude



November 2016

Hot Rocks

Izabella Scott


November 2016

‘We have received around 150 of them,’ Massimo Osanna tells me, as we peer into four small crates stuffed...


March 2013

If Not, Not

Natasha Soobramanien


March 2013

This story may or may not end in Venice and in silent, unacknowledged tragedy but let it begin here,...


December 2017

Interview with Peter Stamm

Seren Adams


December 2017

Peter Stamm’s international reputation as a writer of acute psychological perception and meticulously precise prose has been growing steadily...


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