i’m running out of data on the train everyone is feeling particularly lonely

it isn’t enough

everyone & me     ear plugged & stirring    is listening to something
considering charts & cadence of feet bounce it is likely we are listening to


Drake says    sometimes i feel good sometimes i don’t


he knows that until he bursts from carbs or cliché we will love him always
Drake has been on our minds now for some fourhundredtwenty weeks at least
everyone & Drake is wearing t-shirts with Drake lyrics printed on them
we are signing love letters and suicide notes with Drakeisms     it isn’t enough
wake up mumbling something Drake drool on our pillow wonder where else

we can find traces of him

we’re only now just learning


Drake says    more life more everything

always more   feeding every hour

on the hour
all the amenities
the biggest residential pool
on the planet
everybody in it
my critics & my friends
fat happy house
my children &
everybody loving me
the pictures
portrait of the artist
eating    portrait
of the artist in
the biggest residential
pool on the planet
fat & happy
Drake’s ear is to the zeitgeist     listening for something out there

shooting his shot into space      waiting

it isn’t enough

to hold everybody
& their faces    sing it
there are so many people
outside that haven’t heard it
yet i don’t know if
they can wait   how long
Drake says     i do not know

what permanence is

i’m only now just learning
i’m upset     doing the best that i can

to be heard
i need more content


is a British-Nigerian poet born and raised in East London. He is a Roundhouse Resident Artist and his debut pamphlet, While I Yet Live, was published by Bad Betty Press in 2019.



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