The White Review No. 4

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Weeping Machines by Deborah Levy (Fiction)

Brian Dillon (Interview)

Poems by Ben Parker, David Lebor, Tom Chivers and Nia Davies (Poetry)

A Wedding by Jesse Ball (Fiction)

Untitled by Nick van Woert (Art)

Notes on an Unfamiliar Poetry by Orlando Reade (Essay)

Poems by Michael Horovitz (Poetry)

Juergen Teller (Interview & Art)

Poems by Andy Brown and Sarah Howe (Poetry)

If Not Now, When? by Rye Dag Holmboe (Essay)

A Letter That Never Reached England by Matt Lomas (Fiction)

Poems by Paul Hoover and James Brookes (Poetry)

To Give Shape To Life: The Land Art of Julie Brook by Robert Assaye (Art)

Ahdaf Soueif (Interview)

Tibetan Kitsch by Evan Harris (Essay)


Cover: Not Yet Titled by Landon Metz

Poster insert: Renaissance Afternoon by Gabriele Beveridge 



Issue No. 17

Harmless Like You

Rowan Hisayo Buchanan


Issue No. 17

Interstate 95, September 2016   Celeste sat on the front seat wearing her black turtleneck sweater. She had three...


Issue No. 2

Sri Lankan Contemporary Art

Josephine Breese


Issue No. 2

Sri Lanka has developed a thriving, vital contemporary art scene over the past twenty years. New artists are emerging...


June 2014

A Grenade for River Plate

Juan Pablo Meneses

TR. Jethro Soutar


June 2014

El Polaco appears brandishing his Stanley, as he lovingly calls his pocket knife. Five young hooligans huddle round him...


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