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Editorial On Extinction: Whales by Melanie Challenger (Reportage) Elmgreen & Dragset (Interview) Forkhead Box by Jeremy M Davies (Fiction) Borism by Oliver Griffin and Lee Rourke (Art) Dead Unicorns: Apocalyptic Anxiety in Canadian Art by Vanessa Nicholas (Essay) Poems by Rebecca Wolff, Toshiko Hirata (tr Jeffrey Angles) and Rikudah Potash (tr Michael Casper) (Poetry) Will Self (Interview) Hammer and Blackberry & Outside In by Stephen Gill (Art) This is Not the Place: Perec, The Situationists and Belleville by Karl Whitney (Reportage) Rehearsal Room by K J Orr (Fiction) Marina Warner (Interview) Reduction by Alison Rossiter (Art) Poems by Medbh McGuckian, Jon Thompson, Adrian Dannatt and Michael Hampton (Poetry) The New Global Literature? Marjane Satrapi and the Depiction of Conflict in Comics by Jessica Copley (Essay) Fifteen Flowers by Federico Falco (tr Janet Hendrickson) (Fiction) *** Cover: Green over Yellow by Matthew Allen Booklet insert: Tentative d’épuisement d’un lieu by Badaude
The White Review No. 3


Issue No. 1

The Editors

Melanie Challenger

Jeremy M. Davies

Oliver Griffin

Lee Rourke

Vanessa Nicholas

Rebecca Wolff

Toshiko Hirata

Rikudah Potash

Stephen Gill

Karl Whitney

KJ Orr

Marina Warner

Alison Rossiter

Adrian Dannatt

Michael Hampton

Jessica Copley

Federico Falco

Matthew Allen


TR. Jeffrey Angles

TR. Michael Casper

Editorial  The Surrealist Section of the Harry Ransom Centre by Diego Trelles Paz (Fiction) Gay Madonnas in Montevergine: The Feast of Mamma Schiavona by Annabel Howard (Reportage) William Boyd (Interview) Sri Lankan Contemporary Art by Josephine Breese (Art) Portraits of Pierre Reverdy and Three Poems (tr Sam Gordon) (Poetry) The End of Francophonie: The Politics of French Literature by Lauren Elkin (Essay) From Back Home by JH Engström (Art) Richard Wentworth (Interview) Conflicts of Interest: Frank O’Hara and the Collaborative Talent by Thirza Wakefield (Essay) Cafédämmerung & Notes Toward the Crane Poem by Joshua Cohen (Fiction) I Cling to Virtue by Noam Toran, Onkar Kular and Keith R Jones (Art) Poetry by Graham Foust, Patrick McGuinness, Kit Buchan, Lee Rourke and Ahren Warner (Poetry) Michael Hardt (Interview) Religion and the Movies by Aidan Cottrell Boyce (Fiction) Three Poets and the World (Essay) *** Cover art by Lewis Irvine Poster insert: Destination Unparadise & Elusive Unknown by Sophie von Cundale
The White Review No. 2


Issue No. 1

The Editors

Diego Trelles Paz

Josephine Breese

Pierre Reverdy

Lauren Elkin

J. H. Engstrom

Thirza Wakefield

Joshua Cohen

Noam Toran

Graham Foust

Kit Buchan

Lee Rourke

Ahren Warner

Aidan Cottrell Boyce

Caleb Klaces

Lewis Irvine

Sophie von Cundale

TR. Sam Gordon


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