The White Review No. 5


The Last Walk by Ivan Vladislavić (Essay)

Ben Marcus (Interview)

Sonnets from Shakespeare by Emily Critchley (Poetry)

A New Idea of Art: Christof Schlingensief and the Opera Village Africa (Art)

Northern Lights by Niall McClelland (Art) 

Tourists by Michael Amherst (Fiction)

Colonel Blimp’s Bad Conscience by Max McGuinness (Essay)

Hans Ulrich Obrist (Interview)

Three Poems by Gioconda Belli (tr. J.S. Tennant) (Poetry)

Choose Your Own Formalism by David Auerbach (Essay)

Ikebana by Camille Henrot (Art)

Sent by Joshua Cohen (Fiction)


Cover by Franziska Holstein

Concertina insert: Three Poems by Herta Müller (tr. Lyn Marven) 


Prize Entry

April 2017

Terre Haute

Lauren Van Schaik

Prize Entry

April 2017

We’ve been quarantined in the school gym for three weeks when we realise just how much we’ve forgotten. Not...


August 2017


Matthew Perkins


August 2017

1   I sat at the kitchen table while Valentine prepared cups of flowery, smoky loose leaf tea. Antoine...


February 2017

Interview with Hajra Waheed

Rebecca Travis


February 2017

This conversation with Hajra Waheed began in person with an opportune meeting at her Montreal studio in April 2016....


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