The White Review No. 5


The Last Walk by Ivan Vladislavić (Essay)

Ben Marcus (Interview)

Sonnets from Shakespeare by Emily Critchley (Poetry)

A New Idea of Art: Christof Schlingensief and the Opera Village Africa (Art)

Northern Lights by Niall McClelland (Art) 

Tourists by Michael Amherst (Fiction)

Colonel Blimp’s Bad Conscience by Max McGuinness (Essay)

Hans Ulrich Obrist (Interview)

Three Poems by Gioconda Belli (tr. J.S. Tennant) (Poetry)

Choose Your Own Formalism by David Auerbach (Essay)

Ikebana by Camille Henrot (Art)

Sent by Joshua Cohen (Fiction)


Cover by Franziska Holstein

Concertina insert: Three Poems by Herta Müller (tr. Lyn Marven) 



March 2014

Interview with Antón Arrufat

TR. Jennie Rothwell

J. S. Tennant


March 2014

Author of the novels La noche del aguafiestas and the experimental Ejercicios para hacer de la esterilidad virtud, Antón...


February 2014

Interview with Patrick Keiller

David Anderson


February 2014

Patrick Keiller, an architect ‘diverted’ into making films, is principally known for his Robinson series, which began with  London (1994)...

Prize Entry

April 2017

The Critic of Tombs

Ethan Davison

Prize Entry

April 2017

Emilia came to Tombs [1] in the twelfth year of the interregnum. It was the first time in history...


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