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Editorial André Schiffrin (Interview) Beyond the Horizon by Patrick Langley (Fiction) (Un)timely Considerations on Old and Current Issues by Donatien Grau (Essay) Two Prose Poems by Alexander Nemser (Poetry) The Idea Machine: Brion Gysin by Marina Cashdan (Art) Marcus Leatherdale and the Adivasi by Amabel Barraclough (Reportage & Art) Paula Rego (Interview) Twelve Installations by Lawrence Lek (Art) Futures Past: Monumental Memorials of Modern Berlin by Leila Peacock (Essay) In Somaliland by Ismail Einashe (Reportage) On the Notoriously Overrated Powers of Voice in Fiction or How to Fail at Talking to Pretty Girls by D W Wilson (Essay) L’Heure Froide by Charles Cros (trans Sophie Lewis) (Poetry) From the Town by Desmond Hogan (Fiction) Tom McCarthy (Interview) Darkness and Dream: Levi Reads Byron and Leopardi by Anthony Rudolf (Essay) *** Cover by Viktor Timofeev
The White Review No. 1


Issue No. 1

Patrick Langley

Donatien Grau

Marina Cashdan

Amabel Barraclough

Lawrence Lek

Leila Peacock

Ismail Einashe

D. W. Wilson

Charles Cros

Desmond Hogan

Anthony Rudolf

Marcus Leatherdale

Viktor Timofeev

TR. Sophie Lewis

Jacques Testard

Ben Eastham


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