November 2014


The fight for a space to know oneself better. What sort of a space is this? In a new essay published this month Scott Esposito explores the relationship between writing and self-understanding, searching along the border separating real and fake, invented and recorded. The Last Redoubt measures Iranian director Abbas Kiarostamis docufiction Close-Up against the plasticity of self-identity, and the politics of a second self.


Also in the November online issue is our interview with Spanish émigré writer Juan Goytisolo, whose politically-charged novels were banned by Franco; a conversation between writer-artist Louise Stern and theatre director Omar Elerian re-composed as imagistic, textual collage (see above image); Paul Currion traverses both sides of military spectacle at the start of the Iraq War; new stories by Jeremy Chambers and Bethan Roberts; and newly translated poems from two-time Premio Nacional de Poesía winner Pere Gimferrer.



November 2014

Interview with Juan Goytisolo


November 2014

Conversations About a Play


November 2014

Every Night is Like a Disco: Iraq 2003


November 2014

The Lighted Way