March 2016


We are, as ever, excited to bring you our twenty-eighth online issue (we counted last week, on account of it being our fifth birthday). It features an interview with Korean novelist Han Kang, author of the critically acclaimed novels The Vegetarian and Human Acts. In a wide-ranging discussion with Sarah Shin, she touches on the trauma of Korea's twentieth century history on the national psyche, and the reception of her work in a highly charged political context.   We're also excited to publish a conversation between writer, media theorist and activist Franco 'Bifo' Berardi and Seth Wheeler, on the 'suicidal drive that is permeating contemporary culture', activism for the digital generation, and his friendship with Felix Guattari.   Elsewhere, Anna Gritz explores the Chisenhale Gallery's current exhibition, the first UK solo show by sculpture, sound and text artist Park McArthur, whose work is infused with 'complex social dynamics, social anxieties and authorial hierarchies'.   We also feature debut fiction by Madeleine Watts, whose story 'Red' follows the teenage narrator on a drive across Australia in the heat of summer, on the trail of a man whose mysterious aura 'pitched her into disarray, into an uncontained state of wanting'.   Finally, we run Annina Lehmann's essay 'Behind the Yellow Curtain', on her experience at a theatre workshop in Oxford run by Ariane Mnouchkine, director of the Théatre du Soleil.



March 2016

Seeing from behind: Park McArthur


March 2016