July 2013


In this month’s online issue of The White Review Alexander Christie-Miller reports on the occupation of Istanbul’s Gezi Park, the international symbol for Turkish resistance to the evermore autocratic regime of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Writing from the city, he charts the growth of demonstration against the destruction of Istanbul’s public spaces into a rallying point for Turkey’s multifarious opposition. The Pulitzer Prize-winning Irish poet Paul Muldoon tells us in an extensive interview conducted in New York that ‘the minute one thinks one knows what one’s doing… one’s probably making a terrible mistake’, which comes as some relief to the editors of The White Review. In his essay on ‘The New Writing’, translated by Rahul Bery, the Argentine author César Aira argues passionately in favour of innovation and progress in contemporary art and literature. The French writer Régis Jauffret is among those writers determined to break new ground in his fiction, and we are delighted to publish an excerpt from an as-yet unpublished translation, by Jeffrey Zuckermann, of univers, univers. Another of those to fulfil Aira's ambitions for new writing is Masha Tupitsyn, who riffs on Hamlet, Žižek and the Strokes in an excerpt from Love Dog, her multi-media reflection on love in the digital age. Elsewhere, Louisa Elderton interviews Sadie Coles, Frances Morris and others in the course of her investigation into the continued under-representation of women in the London art world.



July 2013

The New Writing


July 2013

univers, univers