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Pyramid Schemes: A Collaborative Exhibition on 2 May

'Pyramid Schemes' is a collaborative exhibition organised by Lawrence Lek and The White Review to showcase a collection of short stories about real and imaginary buildings. Drawing inspiration from the work of Victor Hugo, Apollinaire and Jorge Luis Borges, the project invites sixty contemporary artists and writers to submit 100-word texts that explore architectures of their own creation.  The first twenty submissi... [Click to read more]

The White Review No. 7

The White Review No. 7 can be purchased online and may still be available from the bookshops listed here.  - Editorial Oeuvres by Edouard Levé (tr. Jan Steyn) (Fiction) Comment is Fraught: A Polemic by Mr Guardianista (Essay) Luc Tuymans (Art & Interview) Topsoil by Jesse Loncraine (Fiction) The Present Hour by Yves Bonnefoy (tr. Beverley Bie Brahic) (Poetry)  On the Exaggerated Reports of the D... [Click to read more]

The White Review No. 7 Editorial

A few issues back we grandiosely stated ‘that it is more important now than ever to provide a forum for expression and debate’. This edition of The White Review goes further than its predecessors in this respect. Come late April, the first recipient of The White Review Short Story Prize will be unveiled. Despite the number of stories still to read (it is early March, at time of writing), it is already clear that ... [Click to read more]

Pyramid Schemes: Reading the Shard

These sketches were created to illustrate an essay by Lawrence Lek in The White Review No. 7, 'Pyramid Schemes: Reading the Shard'. 'Architecture is prosthetic memory,' writes Lek, 'a way for society to write without words.' ... [Click to read more]

Interview with Michael Hansmeyer

Every project made with a computer expresses a relationship between aesthetics and technology. The historical progress of technology works in two dimensions – it allows us to view novel inventions through the lens of existing archetypes, while simultaneously reinvigorating existing art forms with new aesthetic possibilities.  It is no accident that the term architecture is used by computer programmers to describe ... [Click to read more]

Twelve Installations

These installations express the transience of our sensory world, the impermanence of form, and the artificiality of our environment. Progress in technology leads to a corresponding divide between our hyperlinked existence and an increasingly distant natural world. Without fantasising about a post-industrial return to the land, this series proposes a network of evolutionary forms that act as a surrogate for nature. B... [Click to read more]

The White Review No. 1

Editorial André Schiffrin (Interview) Beyond the Horizon by Patrick Langley (Fiction) (Un)timely Considerations on Old and Current Issues by Donatien Grau (Essay) Two Prose Poems by Alexander Nemser (Poetry) The Idea Machine: Brion Gysin by Marina Cashdan (Art) Marcus Leatherdale and the Adivasi by Amabel Barraclough (Reportage & Art) Paula Rego (Interview) Twelve Installations by Lawrence Lek (Art) Fut... [Click to read more]

A World of Sharp Edges: A Week Among Poets in the Western Cape

In Antal Szerb’s The Incurable, the eccentric millionaire Peter Rarely steps into the dining car of a train steaming through the Scottish Highlands and sees Tom Maclean, the writer, in a corner scribbling away. ‘I’m not disturbing you?’ he asks, taking the empty seat opposite him. ‘You certainly are.’ Tom replies, ‘Please stay and disturb me some more. It would be a real kindness. You see, at least whil... [Click to read more]