The White Review No.6


The Fishermen by Jack Cox (Fiction)

The Prosaic Sublime of Béla Tarr (Essay)

Interview with China Miéville (Interview)

What Kind Of Spider Understands Arachnaphobia by Matt Connors (Art)

Poems by Emily Berry, Olivia McCannon and Dan O’Brien (Poetry) 

Stolen Luck by Helen DeWitt (Fiction)

Interview with Edmund de Waal (Interview)

The Age of Brass by Hugh Foley (Essay)

Hiroshima by Erik van der Weijde (Art)

He was the first one in the office in the morning… by Garth Weiser (Art)

Interview with Julia Kristeva (Interview)

The Literary Conference by César Aira (tr. Katherine Silver) (Fiction)

Fragments from Archilochus in the North by Sarah Hesketh (Poetry)

The Literary Ouroboros by Scott Esposito (Essay)


Cover by Matt Connors



October 2014

Interview with Vanessa Place

Kyoo Lee

Jacob Bromberg


October 2014

Vanessa Place is widely considered to be one of the figureheads of contemporary conceptual poetry, yet while books such...


January 2016

About Renata Adler’s Speedboat

Wolfgang Hildesheimer

TR. Shaun Whiteside


January 2016

  Best known for his bestselling biography of Mozart, Wolfgang Hildesheimer was a polymathic novelist, translator, painter and dramatist. A...


November 2014

Every Night is Like a Disco: Iraq 2003

Paul Currion


November 2014

That day at Kassim’s, there was no music. There was almost no sound at all, not even the echoes...


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