My Life as a Work of Art: Book Party


Thursday, December 8, 2016




Please join us in celebration of the recent publication of My Life as a Work of Art by White Review co-founder Ben Eastham & Katya Tylevich. Ben will give a reading; there will be drinks.


In My Life as a Work of Art Katya Tylevich and Ben Eastham offer a series of short biographies on eight great works of twenty-first century art by Martin Creed, Barry McGee, Camille Henrot, Marina Abramović, Philippe Parreno and Pierre Huyghe, Erwin Wurm, Michaël Borremans, and Gregory Crewdson. They follow these paintings, films, installations, experiences, experiments, sculptures, and performances through all the key stages of their existence so far – from the delicate quiet of the studio to the grand chaos of the art world. A funny, engaging, personal guide through the world of art today, My Life as a Work of Art takes as its starting point the only really important thing: the work of art itself.


Ben Eastham is the co-founder and editor of The White Review. As an arts journalist he has contributed to many publications, including frieze, the New York Times, the London Review of Books and Elephant. He has previously worked as an editor at the BBC.


Katya Tylevich is a writer and essayist. She is Editor-at-Large for Elephant and Contributing Editor for Mark. She contributes regularly to Domus, Pin-Up and Frame among other journals, and has contributed to books, monographs and exhibition catalogues on topics in art and architecture. With her brother Alexei, she founded Friend & Colleague, a platform for editions, fiction and special projects.