Film: Palestinian Airlines



Palestinian Airlines
Produced and Directed by Eddie Wrey
Co-produced and translated by Max Wrey
Co-edited by Rye Dag Holmboe
With special thanks to Rafat Lafi, Maharan Lafi

Rafat Lafi is a Palestinian actor based in Ramallah, Palestine. He grew up in a refugee camp in the south of the West Bank named Arroub. In everyday life Lafi avoids talking directly about the struggles and constraints of living life under Israeli occupation but finds he can best express his feelings through performance. I met Rafat on a trip to Ramallah in August 2012. At the time he was producing a comedy that centred around a Palestinian character whose dream, like many Palestinians, was to move to Germany. At first I had thought to document his work. Having spent time with Rafat it became clear that his personal story needed to be told.


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