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The White Review No. 5 Reading: Joshua Cohen at Carroll/Fletcher on 9 October

On a rare visit to London, novelist and critic Joshua Cohen will be reading from a novella, ‘Sent’, at contemporary art gallery Carroll/Fletcher during Frieze week. 

‘Sent’ begins mythically in the woods of Russia, but in a few virtuosic pages plunges into the present, where an aspiring journalist finds himself in a village that shelters all the women who’ve starred in all the internet porn he’s ever enjoyed. 

Following the reading, Cohen will be interviewed by Christian Lorentzen, Senior Editor at the London Review of Books. There will be alcohol (& soft drinks, too). Space is limited to 60 people for this event so please RSVP BY EMAIL ONLY to editors [at] The event will begin at 7pm.

Joshua Cohen is the author of the novels Witz, A Heaven of Others, and Cadenza for the Schneidermann Violin Concerto. A book of novellas, Four New Messages, was published by Graywolf Press in August 2012, and an essay on the history of attention is forthcoming with Notting Hill Editions in 2013. Cohen is the New Books critic for Harper’s Magazine. He lives in New York City.

‘Joshua Cohen has more than four new messages to deliver in this volatile book, all quite urgent. These stories seize us with their brash humor and intellectual reach. But are they startling warning flares or diabolical soul traps? Probably both. Read them and weep, roar, shudder.’—Sam Lipsyte, praise for Four New Messages

‘This anarchic energy recalls Thomas Pynchon and David Foster Wallace, but what really distinguishes Witz is its language and Cohen’s vigorous assault on the sentence as a unit of simple communication. . . . A linguistic extravaganza.’—The New York Times Book Review, praise for Witz.

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